Fractional Shares

With Stockpile, you can buy fractional shares of stock in publicly-traded companies. Rather than buying an entire share of stock, you can get just the amount you want.

Pick from more than a thousand stocks including Amazon, Tesla, Apple, Nike and Disney. Stockpile also offers ETFs for Gold, NASDAQ, S&P500 and more.



With your Stockpile brokerage account, you can easily track, buy, and sell your stock. Each trade costs just 99 cents!

We get that investing in the stock market can feel intimidating for first-time investors. So we offer financial education resources to teach you the basics.

4 thoughts on “Fractional Shares

  1. I found your website only today. I immediately joined and opened an account. I was able to purchase gift cards–but I found other features -such as purchasing stock for my self difficult to the extent I wasn’t able to complete the purchase transaction–because the pages didn’t flow and change to “continue” easily for a first timer such as myself. May I add I’ve been buying stock online for decades.i could not figure out this time how to either complete the transaction——continue to “Checkout” or whatever
    the payment procedure—–and neither did your tutorial explain “getting started” with a tutorial explaining each transaction type, payment type or types, prefunding method or methods ( if any ) and if payment method was only by credit card of if credit cards were disallowed for certain transactions or contact info ( address-email-phone-or none ) The site could be additionally “user friendly”. I still wish to remain a customer and purchase stock both for myself and as a gift-just wanted to add my suggestion-and hope it will be recieved thus.
    Thank you
    Robert Finkle—


  2. There used to be a fractional share program called Buy and Hold which sold all the accounts to a company called Folio Investing. Can I transfer that account to Stockpile?


  3. Yes, you can transfer Folio Investing account to Stockpile. We will be able to transfer all your assets (including fractional shares) from Folio to Stockpile. If you’d like to proceed, please email your latest account statement from Folio to with request to transfer. We will send you a form to fill and you will be all set!


  4. Hi Robert, thanks for your feedback! we really appreciate it. We are working on many new features and exciting product launches over next few months and will support more payment methods. We welcome your feedback and thank you for being stockpile customer!


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