What happens to my investments if something happens to Stockpile?

Cheat Sheet:

  • We are a paying member of SIPC.
  • SIPC was created to protect the investor in the case of fraud or bankruptcy.
  • Does not cover ordinary market loss when securities can fall in value.

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your stocks if something ever happened to Stockpile? Has it been a deterrent in getting started?

Investing your hard-earned dollars can be scary, man!  That’s why Stockpile is a paying member of SIPC. (Hint: Pronounced like sip-ick, say it at a party at people will think you’re really smart). It’s basically insurance for your stocks in case anything should ever happen to us here at Stockpile. The same way you pay for your car insurance in case there is an accident, we pay for your investment insurance.

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